Friday, July 6, 2012

Fort Macon, NC

We had a wonderful and relaxing family vacation last week.  The cool thing was that we went with all of my husband's siblings (2 sisters and 1 brother), their spouses and children.  It was such a great time, so nice to spend time with everyone since we do not live very close to anyone in the family.  We stayed in New Bern, NC.  It is a good hour drive to the beach from there but we made the trip twice to Fort Macon State Park, which is both a pre-Civil War fort and beach combined, and it was free!!  First we visited the fort, the kids were grumbling because they came for the beach, MAN!! But soon their gripes were forgotten. They looked through the interpretive center and watched a short video about the fort and they were rarin' to check it out.  It did not dissapoint, what an awesome place and part of our national history.  It was built before the Civil War, saw action in 3 wars, Civil, Spanish-American, and WWII and even housed Confederate prisoners after the Union took control of it. The kids totally enjoyed exploring the fort, running from room to room and looking at the cannons.  They even wanted to go back later, which we didn't have time to do. I highly encourage you to check out the most visited state park in North Carolina. 

 Love this sign!!
 My kiddos found some Union and Confederate soldier hats in the gift shop.....I couldn't resist buying it for them!  They wore them everywhere the rest of vacation!

 The knicks on the stairs are where a cannonball rolled down during the Civil War. 

View from the top. 

 After we had a picnic on the beach the kids hit the water, although not very deep.  Tropical Storm Debbie was off the coast and was really whipping up the waves and wind. 
Not to worry, that didn't spoil their fun!
 Natalie's first time at the Ocean!!  She loved it.  She kept saying, "Water's coming!" and "AGAIN!". 
The boys surf fishing, it was so rough, they didn't have much luck. 

 Sammy, Brayden and Brenna running on the beach.
 Brenna, Sammy, Livy and Brayden enjoying the waves lapping at their feet. 
The sand dunes there were beautiful. 
 And of course, no beach trip is complete without the kids digging a big hole!! 
One of the few things caught fishing, a small founder.  Looks like a giant leech to me!!


tc said...

We use to visit there often when we lived there. It use to be the least crowded beach. I don't remember the fort having a gift shop though. Thanks for the mini vacation through your photo's.

Alex Houston said...

Fun to see your posts from where we used to live. Too bad we weren't there to see you on this trip. Ft. Macon is a lot of fun. They have concerts there sometimes, which are a lot of fun to attend! Would be great to see you one of these days!