Monday, July 9, 2012

New Bern, NC

***ALERT***  Actual real pictures of the blogstriss ahead!!!  Shocking!!!  It is so funny as a mom to look back at pictures and never see yourself, because you are the memory keeper for the family (usually).  But on this vacation, since we were with extended family, we actually got pictures of all of us together, which is nice for a change!!  

We really enjoyed New Bern, it reminded me of the small town of Nashville, IN that we lived near for 6 years.  However New Bern obviously has a much southern and coastal flavor.  We stayed at a resort near New Bern, Fairfield Harbor, which was very nice.  However, while staying there, it was confirmed (not as if there had ever been any doubt!) that we are not "resort" or golf types.  The first day we were asked if we had a pet in our condo (pets were a big no no!).  My husband told them it was just our kids playing doggies (which was very true).  My hubby was reported to be "suspicious" to our brother, who handled the reservations.  We found this whole scenario to be hilarious!!  Then my hubby, his bro, and brother in laws decided to go to the driving range.  My hubby was in a cutoff shirt and jean shorts. I asked "Are you dressed to golf?"  He said, "Sure!! We are just hitting a few balls!"  15 minutes later he busts in the door and announces,  "Apparently, I'm not dressed for golf!!"  Niether were our two brother in laws and once niece!! LOL!! Hillbillies go golfin'!  They hunted up some collared shirts and khakies and went back to try again!  

We checked out downtown New Bern several days and enjoyed how small, quaint and historic it is.  Really a great place to visit.
A courtyard in New Bern.

Church in the middle of town, love the spanish moss on the trees. 
On the waterfront in New Bern.

Kids with their cousin Jackie on a ship playground. 
Found these hilarious items in a flea market in New Bern! 
Tryon Palace.  First capitol of NC.  Build by the British in 1725, rebuilt in the 1950's. 
Stables escaped the fire that originally claimed Tryon and are 75% orginal brick. 
Pigeon roost.
Formal British Gardens.  There were over 14 acres of gardens.  So I was in heaven.  My husband and kids were so glad they didn't have to go with me!  That was one of the many benefits of a big family vacation!!

Sassy Sophie under the grape arbor. 
Drew checking out the Rudbeckia at the Tryon Gardens.

I'm not usually a marigold fan, but these were beautiful!
Seal or crest on the front of the palace. 
What I picked up for my kids at the Tryon gift shop......that's what happens with you don't come along!!  LOL!! (notice cricket in the sucker!!)  Brayden was totally fine with his orange meal worm sucker!
Blue crabs caught by the family and cooked up for supper!!  Love eatin' local even away from home!!

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