Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Saving Summer

We are harvesting and preserving a lot of food right now.  Cucumbers are in full swing, green beans are about finished, tomatoes are just starting, we've harvested a few onions, peppers are putting out well.  Unfortunately both our yellow "zphyer" squash and zucchini are biting the dust due to the drought and the usual squash ailments.  I also just planted some pole beans for a late autumn harvest.  We have been canning green beans, pickles and some peppers.  I also put up lots of corn last week that a friend gave us.  We decided not to raise it anymore (and I'm glad we didn't!).

 The wonderful corn our friend gave us! 
Wagons are so handy! 
Cookin' up the corn.  Ended up with 26 pints. I think I'm good on corn for the year!
 Some of our purple green beans ready to can.  I've canned 8 quarts so far.
 Brenna helping can pickles
 Jeremy is the pickle maker of our house.
The almost finished product. 
 Indigo Rose Tomatoes
 Rose tomato
 A big Amish Paste tomato.
 Our fun plant of the year, Snake Gourds.
The big snake!
 A morning's harvest.  Cucumbers, an onion, Sarrano Peppers, Speckled Roman tomato, Green Zebra Tomato, Roman Candle Tomato and Red Zebra Tomato and a few of our Blue Potatoes!!
More like purple really, but beautiful! Can't wait to eat them!


tc said...

what a beautifully colorful harvest. Love all those colors.

Karen said...

Visiting via Ginny's

What a beautiful basket.

I am hoping to do pickles this year. It is the first year I have had enough cucumbers.