Monday, July 2, 2012

Who said Fun is Expensive??

Have I ever told you about the Association of Science and Technology Centers Passport program?  If you have children and if you live near one of the centers listed and or travel somewhat frequently with your kids this is a fantastic deal.  Let me give you the numbers.  We live near Ft. Wayne IN,  the home of Science Central, which is a part of the passport program.  We pay $65 for a 13 month membership.  Cost of admission per person is $8 per person, so in two visits the membership pays for itself.  However if you visit other centers that are in the passport program and are at least 90 miles away from the center you have a membership at, then they are free as well.   This year so far we have went to 4 different centers, Science Central, Owensboro Museum of Science, Owensboro, KY and History, Adventure Science Center, Nashville, TN, and Boonshoft Museum of Discovery, in Dayton OH (see below).  We have family that lives near the last 3 centers.  Our cost to go to all of these had we not purchased the passport would be over $130.  We paid half of that with our membership!! 
~~Edit~~  I forgot that we went to the Field Museum in Chicago for Brayden's birthday, that would have cost us $50!  So the total to go to all of these places would have been $180, that is a $115 savings!!! 

So now I'm off my money saving soap box!  On our way to vacation in New Bern, North Carolina last week we stopped by Boonshopft Museum of Discovery in Dayton, OH.  It is really a fantasic place and you should definetly check it out.  We could have stayed there all day!!  I found it to have many elements that other museums have but they seemed to have so much more diversity than some other centers.  They covered so many interesting subjects.  Our kids were drooling with envy as the museum was putting on a Harry Potter camp.  I didn't get too many pictures but it was a fun trip on the way to our vacation. 

My husband in his rightful place!!  LOL!  

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