Sunday, August 19, 2012

Late Summer Weekend

It has been the picture perfect weekend.  There has been very low humidity, highs in the 70's, bright blue skies with little puffy white clouds.  We didn't have anywhere to go this weekend, no friends or family to visit (most of our family and many friends live 2-6 hrs away).  We were blessed by many folks, coworkers, neighbors and friends giving us food.  This the season for sharing!! The harvest is coming in.  Jeremy was off on Saturday but had to work today, but he got in lots of quality and quantity time with the kids.  On Friday night he took the kids squirrel hunting, then he camped with them in the back yard, the nights have been very cool in the low 50's!  Then on Saturday he took them fishing at a friend's pond.  He brought home melons, a pumpkin, tons of beets and cucumbers that his friend had given us.  After a supper of lots of fresh veggies we had Olympic races in the back yard, then a campfire and s'mores.  It was a picture perfect day. 

 Honey Plum Jam I made on Saturday. Plums are from our neighbor.  They are green plums called "Green Gage", he says and he said they came from his mom.  He is in his 70's so this is an old heirloom variety.  They were very good.   
 A little backyard camping....I slept inside, my back hasn't been right since I lifted a 60 lb tub of weeds last week. 
Veggies and fruits our friends gave us.  The onions are from our garden. Made Chocolate Beet Cupcakes from the beets!

I love unprompted reading time!!
Black and Yellow Argiope
This afternoon we went for a little walk in the poison ivy, I mean field, behind the house and the kids spotted all these cool insects and spiders.  We were actually looking for monarch caterpillars to take to school, but found none.   
Praying Mantis
Not sure what this spider is it is either another Argiope or an Orb Weaver of some sort.   
 Humming Bird Moth or Common Clearwing (Hemaris thysbe)
I only took one entomology class in grad school, Aquatic Insects. It just made me want to take more bug classes!  Love learning about bugs.  My favorite field guide is the Kaufman Insect Field Guide.

It has been a fantastic weekend!  Hope yours was as well!


Allison Frederick said...

Hey, I took that class, too! ;p

Jennifer said...

NO WAY! What a coincidence!! ;-P