Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Limberlost Cabin

Not long after I moved to Indiana over 12 years ago I began to hear of this author, Gene Stratton-Porter and her most famous book "Girl of the Limberlost".  I read it and found that this book resonated with me on so many levels.  It's about a young girl that loves and lives in her beloved Limberlost swamp and is disturbed to see it's imminent destruction by the agricultural and forest industry.  This girl is also very interested in moths.  After reading this book about 10 years ago, so am I. 

More recently we have moved to the northern part of the state, where Mrs. Stratton-Porter was born, raised and resided much of her adult life. This is the land that inspired much of her writing. We live about 45 minutes from her "Limberlost Cabin" in Geneva, Indiana. I finally decided to drag the kids with me to visit this home which is still standing and is now a state historic site, though which tours can be taken.  I read "Nature's Storyteller",  last year which also had me encouraged me to visit the Limberlost and her cabin up in Rome, IN on Sylvan Lake which is also a state historic site. This book had lots of great pictures from her life.  I suggest it to anyone who wants to learn more about Mrs. Stratton-Porter.
 Brenna's lookin' like a total farmer in her Pioneer seed hat from the state fair and her rubber boots. She got quite a few amused looks from adults as we were out today, her farming roots are shining through!
 The front of the cabin, which is the cabin of the "bird lady" in the Limberlost book, is very spacious.
 The conservatory room where she had many plants and would open the windows to let in moths at night.
Smokehouse, made of an old log.  

 Side porch, where Mrs. Porter would release many of the moths that she had raised from caterpillars.

Love the detail on the upstairs part of the cabin. 

This is a very neat place to visit.  I believe that our tour guide was probably quite overwhelmed by the amount of questions my children had (especially one of them!) The kids enjoyed it and I look forward to sharing some of Gene's books to them.  One of the highlights for me was the over 100 year old, still mostly intact moth, butterfly and dragonfly collection of Mrs. Stratton-Porter. Many of the artifacts in the house were the actual items that were in the home originally so that was very interesting too.  We plan to visit the Sylvan Lake home soon, I'll give a report when we do. I highly recommend her books and hope you get the chance to visit this place if you are ever nearby!

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