Friday, August 31, 2012

Prairie Gothic Pillow Shams

I have had a pretty hectic week and I was looking back at my blog and realized that I gave a tease then just left you hangin'!  So here are the pictures of the creations I made with the beautiful "Prairie Gothic" fabric that I couldn't live without.  I typically try not to purchase any fabric without a specific project in mind.  I didn't do that with this fabric.  It was in the sale room at my favorite quilt shop and I just couldn't ignore it's pleading to "take me home"!  I'm glad I did because I realized when I got home, that it perfectly matched my daughter's quilt! So I whipped up two shams and, voila!  
My fabulous Aunt Linda gave me tons of thread when I went to visit her earlier this year, in every color you can imagine.  I shouldn't have to buy thread again for at least a joke!!  So happy to have a fellow sewist in the family!!
The results!

I had made a "Grumpy Ladybug" (Eric Carle)  pillow case for Brenna's friend and had enough fabric to make her one as well.  It works!! Love how just a few little pillows can freshen up a whole room!

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