Friday, August 17, 2012

So big but so little

 My kiddos started school yesterday.  Brenna in 2nd grade and Brayden in 1st. They had a fantastic first day back.  They both had teachers they have had before, Brenna her student teacher from first grade and Brayden his teacher from last year.  They are both wonderful ladies and great teachers and we are looking forward to working with them his year!

The last week I have been reflecting, as us moms tend to do around any milestone times, about the summer and the past year.  I thought about what a great summer we had and how I was so not ready for them to be back at school.  They got along pretty well this summer and got most of their fighting out at the end of last school year and the early part of the summer. They were bigger, obviously, this summer and could help with more chores and do more things for themselves.  Last year, I was very ready to get them to school, they had been fighting constantly and I was just over it.  What a difference a year makes....literally. 

Here's what I'm loving about the age of the kids right now, they are old enough to understand things a bit more but are still very attached to us and very loving.  They still like "little" kids shows, they still hold our hands in front of other people and give us hugs and kisses.  They still look to us for most of their guidance instead of friends.  Brenna is still in love with Bo. This summer she would sit in the front yard under the big cottonwood waiting for daddy to get home.  They still erupt with pure joy when dad gets home (most of the time anyway, sometimes his arrival is completely overlooked!!).  They still love to run all over the house yard and woods pretending doggies, Harry Potter, and any other dress up or story they encounter.  They still love to help out and will proclaim how much fun it is! (OK, not always, but most of the time they do!)  They still want to do everything we do when they grow up and live next door to us.  Just today Brenna asked if she could be married to daddy too.  They are truly a joy and I am thoroughly enjoying them and the stages that they are at. 
Brenna requested a new skull and crossbones shirt.  She also had to have "sneakers", as she called them, this year.  I think she saw Hermione from Harry Potter wearing them. 
 I appliqued Brayden his first skull and crossbones shirt.  He had tie shirts that I had made for him last year.  He is trying to shed his good boy persona!  ;-)

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