Friday, September 21, 2012

Broken jars and peppers

I finally had my first canning mishap about a month ago.  It didn't even involve the pressure canner.  I was boiling water canning some applesauce and this happened.....DRAT!   Just a weak spot in the jar I guess.  They weren't banging together.    It's funny because many folks are a little stand offish of canning especially with a pressure canner.  I grew up with a mom and grandmother that both canned with pressure canner and used pressure cookers.  I never heard or saw an incident with either of them.  I think the main problems come if you try to cool it too quickly.  It is a very safe way to can and nothing to be scared of, just read the directions or look some up online.  It is very simple and safe. 

Well although most of our summer harvest has just stank, the peppers are going like gang-busters this year.  Look at the beautiful variety we have!! 

Roasting Red peppers in prep for canning...Yum!  These are the Carmen variety.

The finished products!

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