Monday, September 24, 2012

Dresden Star Fall Table Runner.....One year in the making!!

A year ago this week I took a class on how to make a Dresden Star quilt block.  It went well and I enjoyed it.  I made the first initial "ring" (see middle star in pic below) with good intentions to make said table runner soon. But this is the time of year when Christmas sewing starts for me so it was put aside with good intentions to make a fall table runner in the winter.  Then came many other projects for gifts and lots of home decor sewing this year and the ring just migrated around my sewing area. Staring at me with it's large open, unfinished eye, whispering, "I'm still here, I want to be finished!"  So finally I got started last weekend and made good progress and did a bit during the week this weekend and finished up last night hand sewing the binding on.  The fabric is a mix of scraps and some fallish fabric a I had purchased last year.  I'm very happy with how it turned out.  It's my first table runner. 

 I also decided to make it double sided.  I had lots of pretty fall fabric to use. 

 This was the first "star" I made.  It was made in the class I took with fabric provided by the instructor, except the center plate. 

A bit off subject, but this is right next to the table so I took a picture.  I have had this decoration in mind for my house for a year. I finally put it together last week.  Now I'm not sure, what do you think?  Do you like it?  Should I lose the cattail leaves or leave them.  Do I need more cattails??  Suggestions appreciated!  

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tc said...

I love the table runner. So pretty. And your cattails are very nice. I love the leaves and I think any bigger might be in the way.