Monday, September 10, 2012

When your boy asks for homemade ketchup...

Then you make homemade ketchup!!  I looked at lots of recipes and ended up following the one from the "Joy of Cooking" closest.  I am a recipe mixer, I'll look at several recipes on the same dish and will add the ingredients that I like best and have on hand.  I rarely follow any recipe to a T.  I guess when you've been cooking awhile you develop your own style and that's mine for now.
It had to cook down for a very long time, reducing in volume by over half.  (Please ignore the gunk on the stove.  It will not come off after years of cooking and canning!)
I was surprised at how red the ketchup turned out considering over half of the tomatoes I used were yellow. 

The final results?  3 out of 4 liked it.  One said it was OK but preferred the store bought.  I was surprised how well I liked it.  I didn't know if I would.  Next time I will probably add a bit less sugar, not that I added a lot, but I think the concentrated tomatoes and apple cider vinegar made it pretty sweet anyway.  I did have quite a bit of onion in there too, which I like, but others may not.  One difference we noticed was the stickability was much less than the store ketchup.  We will definitely make more, but probably not this year as the tomato harvest has been horrible, thanks to the drought and horrendous amount of pests.  I have Mexican Bean Beetles eating my ripe and green tomatoes....anyone else ever have that problem???'s a new one on me. Anyway...try homemade ketchup, it is worth the time, especially when your little boy says, "MMMM I LOVE IT!"

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