Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We love Halloween at our house.  You can't tell by the non-existent decorations at our house this year, but we do, especially our daughter, Brenna. I had planned (part) of the kids costumes for awhile, but had no idea for us.  We go to our friends annual Halloween Party and costumes are mandatory, if you come without one,you will be provided with one to wear!  So finally 3 days before the party, I finally told my husband,"You need to come up with an idea, because I do not have the time or energy right now."  So he did!  And it was a great idea that required very little costume riggery (like that new word I just made up? ;-).  We were the American Gothic.  I should have worn a skirt to make it more period correct, but shoot!, it was cold out and I am not a skirt fan.  So here we are.

Man and woman with stern expession stand side-by-side. The man hold a pitch fork.
We had almost everything for this costume.  Jeremy and I hit the local Goodwill store to find the missing elements, overalls and the brown vest thingy she was wearing.  Overalls are not easy to find, we scoured the place....nothing.  Then one of us happened to look in the maternity section,  BINGO!!  I couldn't find anything resembling the brown piece of clothing in the painting.  I was rummaging through a $0.95 pile and, whoo hooo, a brown pillow case!  We also scored a sweet shirt for Brayden's costume. 

Our kids went as frontiersmen Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett.  Check them out.  I sewed their real coonskin caps from two raccoons Jeremy got last season. Check out the sweet shirt I scored for Brayden! 


This picture cracks me up.  Brayden looks like he just let one slip!

Brenna's "brave" face.
A photo shoot broke out at the party!  Then things just got silly and the other kiddos joined in.

Notice how shy my girl is! 

This looks like a Kiss move by Brenna. 

He looks so sweet here, too bad he is moments away from being attacked!

See how much my girl loves Halloween?  She was rummaging through all the costumes and masks and trying them on.  We caught her out by the road waving and swinging the sword and passing cars in the scary mask. 

This is for real how she is when she's hungry. 

But within minutes of eating shes all,... this again!!
Obviously, we had a good time.  Many thanks to our friends for yet another fun Halloween Party!

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