Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday Brenna!

My baby girl turned 8 on Friday! She has had a great time celebrating her birthday.  All her classmates made handmade cards for her, I tried to make all the foods she requested all week.  We do birthday week at our house, less pressure for that one little day to be perfect!  Two of her grandparents visited on her birthday, and aunt, uncle and cousins came yesterday to spend the day playing.  It has been a low-key but fun birthday weekend.  Which is good, since she's kinda under the weather. 

She requested chocolate beet cupcakes, boston cream pie and homemade ice cream. 

 I made her the customary birthday pj pants.  Sorry for the blurry photo (have to blame the hubby!) The fabric is camo with basketballs, baseballs and soccerballs.  She was at the fabric store with me a few weeks ago and wanted that fabric, she didn't know I had already bought it for her! 
 She also got a youth .22.  You can see she was thrilled.  That morning she had asked her dad, "Can I get a .22 for my 9th birthday?) 
We were shooting the toy arrows at the pinata! 
Our girl is growing up fast and has become such a responsible, caring and thoughtful person this year. 


Bill said...

An 8 year old girl with a real gun?!?!?!
Make sure you dismantle it and hide each piece in a different county of the state...(So former Mayor Bloomberg doesn't shoot himself.)
On the other hand...leave it in a prominent spot where he'll be sure to see it.

Jennifer said...

Yes, we gave our 8 year old a real gun. All our guns are locked up tight. NO ONE touches them without Dad being there to show them exactly what to do. Gun safety is obviously of extreme importance to us. We are a family of hunters and "live off the land" types. Guns are not toys and are to be respected and are only used for target practice and hunting. We do not shoot them in the air when having a hootenanny.