Monday, December 10, 2012

My (Requested ) Christmas Gift from the Hubby

I am slowly but surly trying to organize certain problem areas of the house.  Notice nice pile of toys in baskets between the entertainment center and the gun case (yes, again, we are rednecks, and proud of it!).  I have been wanting and needing a solution to this issue for awhile (7 years).  So when I found the stackable "chicken coop" storage bins on Pinterest (how did I ever survive before it's existence?) I knew this was my answer.  So I told the hubby that is all I wanted for Christmas.  He delivered, 3 weeks early even!  Which is great because it is best to get these toys organized before for are delivered by good St. Nick.   
CIMG7048 - Copy
Now look at the after pictures!  I am very pleased.  I think the toys will be happier too, there were many that were gasping for air and playtime at the bottom of those baskets! 

Yay!  Seriously, how awesome does this look compared to before??! 
Oh....and one starts to feel old when all one asks for for Christmas is organizational aids.  ;-P

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