Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cheap Tricks #1

I have decided to do a semi-regular segment on the blog called "Cheap Tricks", where I will discuss some things that I/we do to live well on a small budget.  I would love you all to chime in on the comments section or even link to your blog where you describe some of your "cheap tricks".  We could all use a few pointers on how to stretch our dollars a bit further, especially if you've gotten your first paycheck of the year looked at how much extra old Uncle Sam swiped from us! 

So without further ado....Cheap Trick #1.......Polish Your Shoes!!  Ok, I know, it's not glamorous, but it is cost effective!  Check out the photos of my husbands shoes below, one has one coat of brown shoe polish, the other has had no treatment. 


Can you believe the difference?  Many folks would look at these shoes and say, "Oh, time to buy a new pair of shoes."  But I would much rather pay the $3 for polish than the $50 -$100 for new leather shoes. Not only does this save money, it saves hassle and time.  Shoe shopping is never an easy task, at least not for me as I have whacked out feet.  It's usually a half day event to find shoes that work, at least.   Polishing shoes takes no more than 10 minutes, and you get to keep the shoes you already love and are comfortable in.   I remember my parents making me do this about once a month on Sundays to the shoes I wore to school everyday.  I remember thinking how dumb it was, now I think about how smart it was.  It taught me to appreciate and take care of my belongings. It also taught me that things that are taken care of need replacement much less often.  

For those of you who weren't lucky enough to have "Shoe Polishing Sunday's"  here is a link and video on how to buff those kicks!! Enjoy!


Allison O'Shea said...

When I was growing up, I polished the shoes in our house, too! :) I swear we are twins separated. Love your blog!

Heather Collins said...

New leather shoes take forever to break in too. That's another supporting fact for the polish:)

HAPP said...

I agree with Heather. There is nothing like an old pair of comfortable shoes!

Allison Frederick said...

Couldn't agree more. This seems to be a ritual that has fallen by the way side. They last so much longer that way. Also, I treat hiking shoes with waterproofing spray (as you would a tent) with extra where the sole meets the body. Totally worth it, they live so much longer!