Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Review

Christmas is over, all the presents were made,bought and have been opened.  With our families not living near us, there is much travel time for our extended family celebrations. Our first trip was to my family in KY.
  My parents have 4 grand kids, all pictured here.  Brenna likes her gift!
Jacob was very excited about the quilt I made him.  He immediately asked "How long did it take".  Then the threw it on the ground and rolled on it like and excited puppy!  It was cute!
This was the year of Legos! Lots of Legos! The boys are lookin' good in the pj's Mamaw and Grandaddy got them.
Brenna snuggling with Buddy, my aunt's dog.  Brenna got her doggy snuggle refill on this trip.
My brother's dog, Mr. Beasley, dressed in the Santa hat and beard I made for Brenna's stuffed dog Bo. This is ridiculous!
We came home Christmas Eve to be home when Santa visited.
Brayden asked Santa for more train tracks, with bridges and mountains.  Santa delivered!
We converted the train table to a Lego table and moved it into Brenna's room.  She declared that anyone playing Legos had to be shirtless.  I decided not to play! She's wearing a pair of pj pants I made for her for Christmas here. 
We then traveled to Jeremy's family's.
My youngest niece Natalie (is she not the cutest??)  loved her doll/stuffed animal sleeping bag.  She and Sophie received these dolls right before they opened these sleeping bags!  Perfect fit!! Yay!
My nephew Drew squealed with delight when he saw his quilt!  Then hugged the stuffin' outta me!
I got all my nieces (I have 8) Vera Bradley purses.  We live near the factory and they have an awesome outlet sale once a year.  I even got little bitty purses for the two littlest girls.  It was a hit.  This helped me to have time to make the quilts for my two nephews.  My plan is to make a quilt for each of my nieces now.  I plan to make two a year. 
All 10 grand kids on my husband's side of the family.  They are an awesome group of kiddos!
We had another wonderful year with all our family.  I hope you did as well.  

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