Sunday, January 20, 2013

Imperfect Perfection

The holiday season is behind us and I have completed my holiday sewing for many loved ones.  So I have decided that January is "Make Stuff for Me Month", 'cause I love me too!  First on the list was to make this "Sunset Runner" that I had seen in the Nov/December edition of "Love of Quilting" magazine.  I had spotted this a few months back and loved it.  Then my wonderful aunt gave me a rainbow colored batik set for Christmas and I was.....well, set!  I enjoyed piecing the top and felt I especially pleased with the machine applique around the plants.


 Then I knew I wanted to do some free motion quilting on the piece.  I still have A LOT to learn on free motion quilting.  I am not good at it yet.  My pieced runner looked so good and I knew I may ruin it with my ameture quilting, but hey, ya gotta learn somehow so I finally just went for it.  My quilting turned out ok.  It looks pretty good in a photo, but please, for the love of Pete, don't turn it over and look at the backside!  Eyelashing galore!  As I was working on it I realized that quilting is one of the many ways you have to just let go of your ideas of perfection or semi-perfection and just do it.  Overall, I'm pretty happy with the imperfect way it turned out! 


Next I had been planning on making myself a library bag with the awesome "Bookish" fabric I had purchased.  I am a total nerd and avid reader.  I was also a librarian for a short stint, which I loved and may do again someday!  So this fabric totally called to me.  I had a free afternoon on Friday and decided it was going to get done then.  I had pinned several bags on pinterest and none of them really were what I was wanting.  So I decided to forget about using a tutorial and come up with my own design.  It worked out pretty well. I've made several bags before so I knew the basics like putting on the handles and making a flat bottom.  But I feel the bag is a bit long....oh well, so much for perfection again!  We usually come out of the library overloaded, so this will certainly hold all the materials! 


I guess my take home message here is don't wait to do something because you aren't good at it or aren't sure.  The way we become good at anything is practice.  We'll never be perfect, but with each thing we make or do we learn something and get a little better.  I promise that most people will never notice the mistakes you see anyway!! So go on and be perfectly imperfect!  We all are!

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Unknown said...

Good message, Jennifer! Some types of projects are easy for me to start, but with others I am paralyzed by the fear it won't turn out perfect. Am wondering if the book bag is hanging on a row of hooks that is really a rake?