Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Nerd

I consider myself a cool nerd.  :)  You know, the kind that seems pretty unnerdy on the surface, but after you talk to the person and find out more about them the inherent nerdiness is discovered.  One thing that gives away my nerdiness are my lists. I have found one good online tool for my book lists, Goodreads. Other than that I keep lists in notebooks and other pieces of paper around my home.  Mostly I use lists to help me plan my time.  However, I found that making daily to do lists made me too rushed and grouchy if not everything on the list was complete so I scaled back to weekly lists.  Now I don't get all worked up if I don't get everything done, I just move it to the next week.  For many years now before the start of the new year I like to make lists of the things I'd like to accomplish for the year, places I'd like to go, books I want to read and many more.  I'll give you a sampling. 
 2013 Planning


·         Start weekly/or twice weekly quotes with kids, discuss meanings and explore authors

·         Start weekly family meeting and/or game time


·         Purchase truck with CASH!! in April

·         Start ESA 529 for kids in Jan.

·         Finish 6 month emergency fund

·         Check credit reports


·         Touch up chipped areas of paint throughout house

·         Clean and beautify basement


·         Move shade plants to front of house

·         Trim tree in back bed


·         Gourd birdhouses and feeders

·         Make winter, spring and summer table runner

·         Make 3 gift quilts

·         Make library bag

Self Development
     ·         That’s personal!!   ;-)

Places to visit/Things to do

·         Continue visiting ACRES properties in area (local land trust areas with hiking trails)

·         Lego Land

·         Pourcupine Mts. State Park

Now this is just a sampling from my list, I didn't all everything for personal reasons and because, well, it's pretty boring, but you get the picture.  After I get my list drafted I usually have a meeting with my husband and see what he thinks about the list and what he would like to add.  I'll informally ask the kids the same general questions as well. As they get older they will have more influence over the list.  

So why go to the trouble to write these things down?  We all start off a new year or new season in our lives with good intentions, but those intentions soon fade from our minds when life happens, which is all the time.  I feel like when I write these things down they become concrete, not just an idea floating around.  They are in the first stages of birth, then I can begin the work of bringing these plans to life.  I don't look at these plan every day, I may look at them 4 times a year, but I'll go back just to refresh my memory.  I also do an end of year review to see how it went.  Usually the things that were really important got accomplished, if not and they are still important then they will be put on the new year's list. 

I'd love to hear about your new year's planning!

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