Monday, January 21, 2013

Teaching my Boy to Sew

I have wanted to teach my son to sew, but I have put it off because he his fine motor skills are still developing and he tends to have a high frustration level when trying to do things and his body won't let him do to his liking.  Thankfully he and my daughter convinced me to go ahead and give him his first sewing lesson anyway.  I'm so glad I did, because he is a natural!!  He loved it and had a much lower frustration level than I expected.  He got the thread thought the needle eye very easily.  He did pretty good on making the knot.  We had worked on this before Christmas when he helped me make a few of the popcorn-cranberry strands.  I put some old canvas in a big embroidery hoop and gave him minimal instructions.  I drew a cloud on the canvas and told him just to follow it.  I stayed with him for the first 10 stitches or so. He was making such nice, even and small stitches.  I showed him how to undo knots, which typically would really cause upset for him.  He began to figure out how to do those by himself.  He was doing so well.  I just walked away and let him work.  He worked on it for probably 40 minutes and finished it!  He was so calm and patient and seemed to really enjoy it. 


Not to shabby for his first time!

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