Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Busy Body

Oh, hello there!  I promise I haven't forgotten that I have a blog, I just have not thought of writing lately.  As usual I have been keeping myself very busy with various projects along with the rigors of parenting!  So I guess I just spew some random, "what have you been doing?" type things out today!

I have been sewing a lot lately!  I am on a month break from work (state gov't is making intermittent workers do that now), so I've had more time to do things I want to do!!  Yahooo! 


I made this pillow for myself and also sold one, my first ever sale of my sewing!  Yay!  Making me sort of contiplate a small craft business. 


Made this cut little sock monkey shirt for my niece's 8th birthday. 

It was really fun to make....I want one! 

My parents came up to see my daughter's last basketball game of the season and I made my Mom this pillow as her birthday is later this month.  I plan to make her a quilt with these fabrics so I was giving her a preview! 

My girl playing ball!  She loved it and can't wait till next year.  Soccer starts in April, until then we get a 6 week breather. 

The Mighty Ducks!  They learned so much this season!  This was Brenna's first time ever playing. 

Other random things, we the maples for sap on Sunday and are in the process of making maple syrup.  I will do a post soon! 

We (mainly my son and I) are preparing to become gluten free!  This will definitely be fodder for the blog. 

My Dad left my Grandad's old WWII trunk here so that I can begin to scan and archive the many pictures and other items in the trunk.  I will have to share some of these with you, they are fascinating!!   

As usual never a dull moment here!  That reminds me.....gotta start ordering things for the veggie garden! 

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