Thursday, February 21, 2013

Late Winter (Get out of the house before we all go crazy) Hike

Brenna looking down the hill at the Wabash River
Many days on end of gray, cold and windy weather intermixed with some rainy, muddy days equals February in these parts.  And this month, more than any other, tends to wear on folks in the colder parts of the US.  Thankfully it's the shortest month of the year!  It's been a great month for me so far, more details on that in other posts, but still, the lack of regular outdoor time can make me a bit cagey, so I decided a family hike was in order for the weekend.  Never mind it never even got close to being above freezing....the sun was out and it was deceivingly beautiful day.  So out we went, to a nearby ACRES nature preserve.  The kids were rarin' to go! 
Hiking down the hill to the river.

A boy, a stick and some's simple pleasures!
Really neat ice formations left after water levels went down.

Saw some fluttering below the ice, broke the ice to find this stonefly that had just emerged.  I love these guys, I studied them in grad school.  Good water quality indicators!
Brayden wanted a picture of this rock.

As the kids were hoopin' and hollerin', throwing rocks, ice and sticks out on the ice and listening to the cool sounds it made we spotted this in a tree across the river.  It's an eagle nest or aerie.  We didn't see the eagle at first.  

Tel-Hy Eagle
Then it popped it's head up.  I can't believe our ruckus didn't scare it away.  After we realize it was there we moved on (sort of) quietly.   What an exciting find!  We see eagles pretty regularly here, but to see it in it's nest was a real treat!


Joy @ Joyfully Green said...

Hi Jennifer,
Happy to find your blog through the Non-Consumer Advocate comments section! So true that the cold, grey weather often makes it hard to get outdoors, but my children are positively aching for outdoor time after school, so we've been heading out in any weather lately. My son even wanted some playtime in the cold rain a couple of days ago. I'm not so thrilled with it at first, but the outdoors has a really therapeutic way with the kids--even if it's just for a half hour or less. (I wrote about getting outdoors when the weather is cold on my own blog a few months back.) Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hi across the blogosphere!

Jennifer said...

Hello Joy! Thanks for stopping by my space and taking the time to comment! Sometimes I make my kids go right to the woods to play after school, no homework first. Just go play! I am for one very concerned that kids don't have enough unstructured outdoor playtime these days! I think that unstructured outdoor time is almost as important as school/learning time!