Monday, March 4, 2013

Gluten-Free Test


None of these lovelys in my mouth this month. 

Brayden and I began a month of gluten free eating on Valentine’s Day.  Gluten is a protein found in wheat, so that means we cannot eat anything with wheat.  Cakes, cookies, pizza crust, tortillas, foods with a breading, and a lot of processed foods contain flour, thus, gluten.  Thankfully there are many gluten free products available now as allergies and sensitivies to this food are being made more well known.  We are trying this different way of eating to see if it solves or improves some of our health conditions (won’t bore you with the details).  So far this way of cooking and eating has not been very hard for us.  We don’t eat out very frequently and I think that eating out and going to visiting friends and family will be the hardest.  We already eat mostly whole foods so this has not been very hard.  In, fact it’s been great, I feel like we are eating more veggies than before and really enjoying them.  Instead of relying on a bread to go with something, we just add another veggie, which we all already love, so really, no feelings of deprivation at all.  But thank God, chocolate is gluten free!!! 

The other day I made a crustless pumpkin pie, it was fantastic.  I didn’t have to make that darn crust (I really don’t like to make crust) and it was fast easy and delish!  We tried a major brand of G-F cupcakes and were very happy with those too.  So we can still have a treat occasionally.  I never was much of a bread or cake person so that helps.  I have always preferred pies and ice cream for my sweets and it seems like many of the pies can be made crustless. I made an almond crusted cheesecake…delish!   I haven’t explored cookies yet, but honestly….do I need to?  Not really!  It’s kind of nice to have an excuse to say a definitive NO! to these types of foods.  I am considering doing this lifestyle long term, we will see how things work out with Brayden, but so far he is happy.  I have to pack his lunch and sometimes he misses something at the school lunch he really liked, but he doesn’t dwell on it.  So far so good! 

Since I wrote the two above paragraphs it has been 2.5 weeks and it’s still going well, buuuut, I just don’t see much improvement for either of us.  I think we will stick with it for at least another week or two, but then I think I’m going to take Brayden in for some in depth allergy tests.  We are tired of him not feeling well and not knowing how to help him.  Even if this G-free thing doesn’t help, it has been a helpful process to first, see that we can make drastic changes in our diet and it not be a tough transition.  Secondly, it showed us many ways that we can incorporate more nutrient dense foods in our diet and still not feel deprived.  It’s been a good lesson whether we stick with it or not. 

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