Tuesday, March 5, 2013

In Progress

I don't know about your home and life, but I feel like we have at least 20 different things going at one time.  This used to annoy me, but now...well, I guess I kind thrive on it.  So I thought I'd share some of the things we have going on at our house right now.  It may still be snowy out but we know spring will be here soon so we are working on indoor projects because soon we will be out doors, thank God! 

Working on a quilt for my mom.  I have cut over 700! pieces for it so far! 
It will have 22 of these Dresden Stars which have 32 pieces each.
I am working on archiving my grandfather's WWII photographs and artifacts. I currently working on scanning them, then I hope to preserve them in a archival book.  I plan to send digital copies to family members.
Two of the 4 books I'm currently reading/listening to.
My husband is working on this awesome dollhouse for my daughter. 
Santa brought it when she was 3 but my husband waited to really work on it till she was older so that it would be treated more gently and hopefully make it to the next generation.  This is the child's room, my daughter picked the paper! 
The bathroom
The master bedroom, still under construction.
We are in mid sugaring season.  We have 8 taps out and have made over 6 quarts of syrup so far.  We put taps out on February 10th.  The last two weeks have been very cold so there isn't much sap running.  We anticipate a good run in the next few weeks. 
We are also working on planning the garden, seeds were ordered last week and have arrived.  Now we need to plan the garden layout.  A week from today is my son's 7th birthday so we are planning a family birthday/sugaring off party.  All that along with check-ups, soccer registration, PTA meetings, work, ect, ect....you know how these thing go!

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