Sunday, March 17, 2013

Today I Am:

  • 36 years of yesterday!
  • Celebrating National Quilting Day by doing some quilting myself and heading to my favorite quilt shop to participate in their celebration.  (Free food and fabric sales....draws me like a moth to a flame!)
  • Enjoying my childrens' creativity.  My daughters class has been following the Alaskan Iditarod races at school.  Each child was given a participant to follow.  So this am my daughter gets out all her stuffed animals and a bunch of yarn and ribbon to make her own Iditarod team! 

  • Loving how well my kids get along lately (boy am I asking for it!).  I am blessed that they are mostly so sweet to each other. 

  • Thinking 3 great days are all together, my b-day, then National Quilting Day today and tomorrow St. Patrick's Day (I love all things Irish!). 
  • Thinking pork chops sound great for supper and a baked potato....YUM! 

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