Monday, May 20, 2013

The Power of Motherhood


Little things, done with consistency and care are what truly make a difference in people’s lives and that changes the world.  I believe that is what motherhood is, a series of little things that make a huge difference.  Motherhood crystallizes the joy of life inside the bodies of our children, that through them unarticulated beauty, joy and love are made real, and ours. 

Motherhood is not “beneath” us, but is indeed our highest calling.  Through this platform of matriarchy we will change the world.  This is true power – the power of love to transform.  This is why education isn’t wasted when mothers stay home; it is being utilized in every way.  The currency exchanged from this work isn’t monetary; it is largely intangible, but much more valuable. 

The power of motherhood is that we don’t just affect our families, but every person our family comes into contact with.  Think of the children your children know from school or day care, the quality of their home life affects their behavior and thus your child.  We are not islands; we are all interconnected in ways we cannot fathom. 

The power of motherhood changes us- wrecks us- in the best way.  We became who we are supposed to be by our service to others.  We awaken to our undiscovered passions and talents that wouldn’t have been unearthed if that little one hadn’t come and rearranged our internal furniture.  We thrive and grow by putting ourselves on the list of those we care for so that resentment and discontent don’t begin to decay our spirits.  As we begin to understand our own need and fill them, other mothers will do the same.  We will all be better prepared to pour into the lives of our children, spouses and other loved ones.  Don’t sell yourself short.  Be proud that you are a mother.  What could you do that is more important?

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