Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Beignets For Breakfast

We stopped by this fun variety store on the way home from camping the other day.  We got a few really good deals.  Our favorite deal was Café Du Monde Beignet mix at an amazing price of 2 for $1!!  It costs almost $4 to get it at Café Du Monde.  For those not familiar Café Du Monde is a well known café in New Orleans that sells coffee and beignets (French doughnuts) smothered in powdered sugar....sooo yummy.  We've been there every time we go to New Orleans....usually every morning we are there.  We hadn't had any of these treats since the last box we had brought home from NOLA, probably 10 years ago!  So we were beyond excited to find the mix.  I fixed some up for the kids one morning this week and they were loving it!  Brenna asked, "Are these good for you?"  I laughingly replied, "No".  She said, "I wish they were so we could have them all the time!".  Yeah, me too! 


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