Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bunny Money

The kids have wanted rabbits forever.  However we had a 12 year old beagle until last September, when he ran away for the millionth time and never came home.  We had told the kids that they could have bunnies after Gus was gone.  So we decided to get them in time for summer.  Our area has a very active 4-H chapter and rabbits are a big thing here so we had no trouble finding bunnies to purchase.  We wanted the kids to earn money for their bunnies so we set up a chart of jobs with how much each job paid.  We put things on there that we normally wouldn't pay them for, but really wanted to them to earn their bunnies.  We usually pay them for helping with various jobs through something I call "attitude points".  I have told my children since they were old enough to understand that the two things that are really going to make them successful in life is to work hard and have a good attitude while working.  We reward them with whatever amount we deem reasonable when they help without complaining, do things that need to be done before being asked and work hard doing them. Anyway, the kids earned their bunny money through the jobs around the house, a little savings and Brayden through some tooth pulling loot.  (His Aunt Katie pulled his tooth when the whole family was there and everyone kept handing him money!)  They are happy with their bunnies and even got a third on thrown in free!! They are still getting used to handling them and we are learning how to hold them to minimize scratching.  As an added bonus, bunny doo is great fertilizer!!
The Bunny Money Chart

Brenna's bunny named Co Co Nibbler.
The freebie named Alfalfa.

Brayden's bunny named Albert. 
Snuggle bunny Albert.

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