Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mid May Travels

Mid May found us traveling with my friend from grad school and our husbands to upstate NY to see another friend from grad school get married. Jeremy's Mom took over for us for a few days, which wasn't kid was sick for two days and they both had soccer practices and games as well. My friend's Mom drove all the way from Virginia to watch her two little ones. So much thanks and appreciation to our Mom's for letting us have a little time off! And a wonderful time it was and much needed! The drive was 11 hours, but without kids puking, peeing, crying, fighting, begging to stop, and asking "Are we there yet?" it was a breeze!! We had two full days do some touristy things in the area and we chose mostly to hike. We were in the Catskill Mountain area and stayed in Kingston, NY. This is not far from Woodstock, NY. We visited Overlook Mountain, Kaaterskill Falls and even stopped in Woodstock for some vegan fare, since animals are friends and not food there. :) Obviously they don't know us well! I still haven't figured out why it has to be mutually exclusive. Animals can be friends and food too! Ha Ha! We enjoyed Woodstock, although we only had a few hours there. It reminded me of Nashville, IN where we lived previously, as it is also an artist colony. We loved the glass insects in the Cloud Gallery made by Loy Allen, especially the spiders! They were so beautiful, but we knew they wouldn't make it in a home with small kids! We ate at a wonderful restaurant in Kingston, The Hoffman House, which is in an home built in 1679! As a wonderful and unexpected surprise our friend, the bride and her husband to be and their families where having their rehearsal dinner there! We also had some of the best pizza we've had in awhile at Enzos. Our hikes were beautiful which you can see in the pictures. We loved this area, it is so full of history and wonderful natural areas.
  Our friend had a beautiful wedding overlooking the Hudson River. It was such and beautiful and meaningful ceremony and a really fun reception. We were so happy to be a part of their special day! CIMG8872

The fireplace inside the ruins.  The hotel was about a half mile from the top of the mountain.
Loved the layering of the rocks on the mountain.
View from the fire tower to the North. 
You can see the mountain greening and the line where leaf out has not occurred.
Heading out the rock overlook on top of Overlook Mountain.
Ashokan Reservoir.  One of the many reservoirs that provide drinking water to NYC.
My best buddy and hubby!
Booty shot! 
One more picture of the ruins on the way down, they were so neat!
The Tibetan Buddhist Monastery at the trail head to Overlook Mountain.
Woodstock had lost of these funny signs posted all over. 
Waterfall in the middle of Woodstock.
View from the top of Kaaterskill Falls.
The top of Kaaterskill Falls.
Jen on the Edge!!
The bottom of the falls
Me and Angie!

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