Monday, July 22, 2013

Gardening Update: The Good, The Bad and the Wilty

Every year spent gardening brings different successes, challenges, failures, pests, disease,  plants,  recipes and circumstances.  This year has differed from the last in that we have had plenty, indeed too much at times, of rain.  Last year our squash and zucchini gave us one pickings worth of fruit before they both unceremoniously gave up the ghost.  This year they are doing well and we have been able to have several of the squash dishes that we enjoy, including this one for squash patties!  So yummy and versatile.  Green (Royal Purple Pod) Beans are doing great and I have canned 12 quarts so far and need to pick again today.
CIMG9180 CIMG9229
Last year my basil did nothing, this year I have already made a big batch of pesto and really need to do some more, even though I have plenty!
Finally we have good onions!  A successful onion year has eluded us thus far, but this year we finally got it right! 
But our tomatoes are just sad and wilty.  We've pulled 8 of them and probably should pull some more. 
They started out looking great but some got wilty and others got this lovely browning. 
 Now the flowers are even aborting.....bah humbug.  Looks like the second crummy tomato year in a row. 
 These eating cucs are just sitting here, not growing much but blooming like crazy, with no fruit to show for it. 
 However our canning cucs are doing well. 
 Squash and zucchini still going strong. 
Peppers started great with lots of peppers and blooms but are just kind of setting there now, but I am seeing a bunch of little blooms and the plants still look good so maybe they are making a comeback.

We have harvested some potatoes, which seem to be doing ok.  Peas, lettuce and spinach did great again this year.  I gave a bunch away again.  The Swiss chard has done great, although I haven't used it very much.  I did sell some at a farmer's market two weeks ago along with some plants I divided out of my flower gardens.  So gardening is going well, with some disappointments, but lots of great food still to be had.  We do rely heavily on our tomatoes for salsa and spaghetti sauce throughout the year so not having that is a big loss, but we will find another way! 

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Amanda said...

Our regular size tomato plant died, but the cherry tomatoes are growing out of control . . hmmm. Glad to see I'm not the only one left wondering by my plants. :)