Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fall Field Season

I know things have been quiet on the blog but they are far from quiet around here!  Fall is always a busy time for our family as we prepare for winter by closing out the gardens, among other things. 

This year "we", well, mostly my hubby had to make some winter quarters for the kids' three bunnies.

The kids priming the bunny high rise winter suite that was later attached to their existing cages for more winter protection. 
The hubby also starts hunting pretty heavily in the fall and is currently at deer camp with his buddies. He is also busy with work in the fall as he works at a fish and wildlife area so he has to work various hunting events on the property which he works. My fall is always busy with PTA activities and my fall field season for work. I work for the state forestry department and am out over much of the state looking at private forests in the fall. I get to see some beautiful things in my travels through the woods.

Photo taken with my "dumb" phone, hence the poor picture quality.  Picture of a "pedestal" rock taken from down hill.
While I LOVE my field season, I am looking forward to jumping back into my sewing as I am currently working on my last quilt to be finished up before Christmas. It's going to be a quilt replica of the University of Kentucky basketball floor for my niece. Its a fun and fairly easy one. I have plenty more Christmas stuff to work on as well.  I finish up my last work day in the woods next week, then it's on like Donkey Kong baby!!!   I will try to post some pics of things I am working on but it's hard a Christmas time.  I am always torn between sharing and not spoiling the surprise for those I have made it for.  I'm not sure they check my blog or not so sometimes I just post anyway!  ;-)  Just can't resist!  

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