Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Card & Letter 2013

Christmas card 2013
Photo by: Brook Rieman 
November 26, 2013,
Dear Family and Friends,
Yet another year has passed and it has found us to be healthy and growing.  Brenna recently turned 9 and Brayden is 7 and are in 3rd and 2nd grades.  They really love school and are doing very well.  Brenna is still super athletic and outgoing. She loves swimming and swears she will be the female Michael Phelps!  She also loves football, basketball, soccer and….well, you get the picture!  Brayden is a bit more reserved and has a brilliant mind.  He still loves anything to do with trains, roads or cars and will spend hours drawing “New York City” and all its roads in chalk on our concrete drive area.  Jeremy and I are doing great as well and still enjoying our jobs and now have been with the DNR for 13 and 9 years respectively. 
Jeremy’s Grandmother, Ellen McKee, departed this life in late April.  Though she is greatly missed, we are happy her suffering is over and that she has been reunited with her sons in heaven. 
We traveled quite a bit this year, visiting family and friends as well as vacation travel.  Every spring break we visit my parents in KY and then to visit my brother near Nashville, TN.  This year we stopped by Mammoth Cave National Park on the way down.  In May, Jeremy and I were able to take a long weekend to the Catskill Mt. area in NY with friends to attend our other dear friends’ wedding right on the Hudson River. It was a wonderful occasion!  We are thankful to Jeremy’s Mom, Debi, for taking over with the kiddos while we were gone!  We were also able to get some hiking in while we were there!  What a beautiful area!  For vacation we met our friends up at Porcupine Mountains Wilderness in the Upper Peninsula of MI.  We stayed in a rustic cabin with no water or electricity for 5 days!  Our cabin was a short walk from the Lake Superior beach, though the water was way too cold for swimming, even in late July, the kids still loved playing there.  The hiking there was fantastic with great views of lakes, waterfalls and (seemingly) endless forests. 
We are truly enjoying the elementary years with the kids and love watching them grow and develop.  It is a bittersweet experience.  We look forward to another year with them and you!  We wish you many blessings and joy during the holidays and the entire year!! 
With Love,
Jeremy, Jennifer, Brenna & Brayden


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