Thursday, February 13, 2014

Arctic cold, snow, sewing and more snow

Well the weather has been just plain nasty around here lately.  No one remembers the last time we were above freezing.  In fact we have had numerous double digit sub zero temps. Those kinds of temps are hard on everything, case in point, my windows.  We had new windows put in 2.5 years ago so they are not old and they are supposed to be high quality ones.  During the very cold snap in early January when it never got above -12 F for a whole day, one of my windows cracked straight up and down.  I assumed that the cold caused it but wasn't 100% sure, then on Tuesday night we got down to -17F or some ridiculous number again, and when I woke up I saw the image below!  So I knew that it was temperature related.  I know that the temperature difference between inside and out is 90+ F, but geez!  Anyone else ever had something like this happen? 

Jeremy made the kids a tunnel through one of the many ginormous snow piles by our driveway.  
Woke up one morning to this beautiful snow that stuck to everything, after a full day of cold rain the day before.  
There has been a lot of reading going on as the kids have been off so many days and it is too cold to even have them playing outside.  Today was the first day this month that our kids went to school without a delay.  They only went one day last week and it was delayed......gaaahh!  Our summer is not looking very long at this point.  
There has lots of sewing happening as there is no way I'm going out in this arctic hell!  I was raised in KY and I have never seen such persistent cold and snow like this....ever.  
My husband however was born and raised in northern IN, in the snowbelt region, actually (where there is a much higher amount of snow each year from storms blowing off of Lake Michigan) and he thinks nothing of it.  In fact he has been happy as can be at all the ice fishing he has been able to do!  The ice is over a foot thick and he has been limiting out on crappie!  Brayden must have more of the northern blood in him because he goes too and doesn't get cold.  Brenna says home in our warm house with me.  She's a KY girl at heart! ;)  
I've been trying to keep the birds fed here, they are going through feed at a very fast pace.  They are also taking advantage of the seeds left on my plants. This is exactly why I never clean my garden beds till spring.  
Another quilt started!  This block pattern is called "Split Decision"  I enjoy it and it is super easy to make with a jelly roll, just cut 4.5 inches and start sewing!  
Although we have had constant snow cover for almost two months now and it's been colder than a well diggers ass (thanks Mom!) I am enjoying my orchids that have been blooming continually since fall.  They have made this very long and hard winter a bit brighter!  

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