Monday, March 31, 2014

Cumberland River Adventures

We are on spring break this week. My parents are in Kentucky and my brother is in Tenessee, so we always split our spring break between them. There are lots of things to do and see nearby so we have been taking advantage of the wonderful weather & getting out! Soo happy to be out after this seemingly endless winter. It actually was snowing hard when we left home, but it was in the 70's here today!

We have been exploring the Cumberland River & Cumberland Falls area. 

Wolf Creek Dam
View of Cumberland Lake from above.
Jeremy caught his limit of rainbow trout.
Brenna looking at all the fishies at Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery.
Cumberland Falls, Kentucky

Downstream of the falls.
The kids & I in front of Cumberland Falls. This is the only waterfall in the Western Hemisphere that has a Moonbow during the Full moon.
Lots of rock climbing was done by the kids.
Eagle Falls just downstream from Cumberland Falls.
Hiking along Cumberland River bluff.
Had to stop by a really cool junk shop in Monticello, Kentucky afterwards. This room is totally filled with Fiesta ware.

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Anonymous said...

Could you please give me a bit more detail regarding the front of the hat? I want to put the raccoon face on the front. Did you just sew it on top of the front over the top of the fur, or did you cut out a spot and then sew it to the sides?
Thanks for the help!