Friday, March 21, 2014


Spring has been slow to make it appearance here. However the calendar says it is here and we have see brief glimpses of it. 

Then it will go back into hiding and winter will return with a vengeance. We tapped our Maples for syrup two weeks ago, I think we are pulling them today. The deep snow and mud and wet firewood made us less than I this'd about the process this year. We've already gotten over 1.5 gallons of syrup and still had about that much so we didn't need to make more anyway. 
I have 3 quilt projects going at the moment. I've wanted to make a black, white and yellow quilt for some time now. I've also wanted to make a log cabin quilt (my favorite) for a very long time, so I'm accomplishing both of those!

I've also started on this kit my Aunt gave me. I think I'll keep this one!  I hit a minor road block with this one and I haven't machine sewn in over two weeks! That's the longest in forever that I haven'tbeen working on some sort of quilt project. 
I have been working to complete this coonskin cap, so sewing has been happening!

My next pelt project is making a Trapper Cap for him from this beaver pelt. Should be fun! Always lots of fun things planned here!

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